Antique warded church/cast keys

Below is an example of a service we have been offering for many years, the making of a key to operate an Antique warded lock. The first step is to source a key which matches the diameter and internal dimensions of the lock. The central and small internal bottom wards are then cut. We now…

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Opening a safe with an unknown combination

Attach auto dialler to safe and input all necessary data to suit the type of lock The auto dialler works it way though possible combinations. The code is found and the safe can now be opened without causing any damage to the lock or the safe door. The safe can now be used with this…

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Ford Transit Security

The Ford Transit being the most popular van in the UK has always been subject to break ins and theft, over the last couple of years this occurrence has increased dramatically which is mainly due to the internet, videos can be seen showing thieves how to over come basic van security and the tools to…

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Ram-Raids In Roydon And Harlow Are Linked, Say Police

Ram-raid in Harlow | Davis Locksmiths

Following on from our previous blog about a ram-raid theft in Roydon, a recent report in the Harlow Star states that Essex police have linked three ram-raid style thefts of cash machines, including the Roydon incident we covered in October. The crimes all took place within a month from the end of August to the end of September, at various…

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Police Appeal For Witnesses Following Ram Raid in Roydon

Ramraiders Steal Cashpoint in Roydon | Davis Locksmiths

The Harlow Star have recently reported on a police appeal, following a theft that took place in the early hours (02:00am) of Wednesday 16th Spebtember 2015, in Roydon. A fork lift truck had been used to ram through the shop frontage of the McColl’s store, situated on the High Street. After smashing through the wall, the Manitoba…

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