The Insurance Industry receives half a million claims per year for burglaries, this award winning product is the ultimate in door security and where fitted will reduce the illegal entry statistic.

Robust but still pleasing to the eye, the Doordefender™ works against the force exerted from outside hence the more force applied externally the more the Doordefender™ will resist, a kick or shoulder barge to the door from outside will result in the door slamming shut and dead locking,making this device particularly suited for the elderly, infirm or those who live alone.

The Doordefender™ is available in two models both finished in brass or chrome:

Standard Doordefender™

This version acts, as would a door chain but can not to snapped or cut from the outside. Simply engaged while you are in the Doordefender™ allows you to open the door to check your callers identity with the knowledge they can get no further without your consent.

Remote access Doordefender™

Takes security a step further this spring loaded version automatically engages and bolts the door on closing. It can be opened manually from inside or by key from the outside giving you peace of mind whether you are in or out .The Doordefender™ can be fitted to any door wood, metal or upvc. Do not wait to become a statistic fit the Doordefender™ and Stay one step ahead of the burglars.