Vehicle Security

Ford Transit Security

The Ford Transit being the most popular van in the UK has always been subject to break ins and theft, over the last couple of years this occurrence has increased dramatically which is mainly due to the internet, videos can be seen showing thieves how to over come basic van security and the tools to complete the task can be obtained via the web.
There are 3 types of vehicle thief:

  • The opportunist
    Generally armed with basic tools to force entry and hoping to steal personal possessions or tools.
  • The organised tool thief
    These individuals carry equipment to bypass the vehicles locking system and will force the side load door even if deadlocks are fitted once they have bypassed the locking system.
  • The professional van thief
    Organised criminals who are equipped to over come the locking system and also have the tools required to drive the vehicle away.

Davis Locksmiths have been involved in vehicle security for 15 years and can supply and fit all the necessary products to stop these 3 types of theft,

The opportunist is stopped by fitting deadlocks to the load area of the van.

The Tool thief is stopped by fitting deadlocks to the load area and replacing the manufacturers lock with a compatible high security version.

The Professional thief is stopped by fitting deadlocks, high security lock and encapsulating the vehicles diagnostic socket in a steel box which is then bolted to the vehicles roll bar making communication impossible without the required security key.

Should you require any additional information or advice relating to vehicle security please call our engineer direct on 07956 345006.

Deadlocks verses Slamlocks

Deadlocks verses Slamlocks which is best?……this is a question we are asked on a daily basis to find the answer to this question firstly we need to ascertain the origins of these two products their purpose and level of security provided.

Origins and Purpose

Deadlocks for vans were developed as an additional security feature to work along side the manufacturers locks and make it much harder for the would be tool thief to force entry.

Slamlocks were developed for use on parcel courier vans to prevent a sneak thief stealing parcels from an unlocked van, insurance industry losses showed the driver would rarely bother to lock the vehicle whist making a delivery as a result parcel couriers can not get insurance without having Slamlocks fitted.

Level of Security

Since Deadlocks work in tandem with the vehicle manufactures locks, fitting a deadlock doubles the level of security in the same way that fitting a Chubb lock to a wooded front door to work along side a Yale lock would.

Slamlocks do not provide any additional security they work by making the vehicles door handle redundant, this is achieved by moving the door handle linkage to the rear of Slamlock in essence the Slamlock becomes the door handle.

Pros and Cons



  • Additional Security
  • Cannot lock keys inside the vehicle
  • Difficult to bypass without causing major damage


  • Difficult to fit
  • Manual locking



  • Easy to fit
  • Automatic locking


  • No additional security
  • Easy to lock keys inside vehicle
  • Easy to bypass leaving no signs of damage.
Vehicle security from Davis Locksmiths

Garage Defender

The Garage Defender

The Garage door is the weakest point of any premises security and as such is a favourable means of entry for the thief.

The GARAGE DEFENDER is a specially designed security application that eliminates unathourised entry.

This visual and physical security deterrent is easily fitted and ensures the only person entering your garage is the key holder.

Vehicle security from Davis Locksmiths